[Slackdocs] we need mainstream

asteroid asteroid at slackware-fr.org
Thu Aug 23 19:06:20 CEST 2012

> > in order for the Wiki to determine if a page is available in
> > multiple languages (which will be visible in the language selection
> > drop-down in the left sidebar) a page must have the same name in
> > all languages - only the language prefix is different (prefixing
> > fr: for instance). 
> Would it be possible then to have a tag that can indicate that an
> English translation is needed? Someone might not realize that the
> page was created as a placeholder and might assume it is being worked
> on by someone else.

Off course is possible, and simple. Write your doc on your vim in
Ukrainian, talking about emacs.

Create 2 pages on wiki :
	- slackware:emacs
	- uk:slackware:emacs

Put your doc in ukrainian into the TWO pages, and add on top off the
english one
	<note warning>Need to be translate. Original doc

Simple, human. You can also follow the
http://docs.slackware.com/slackdocs:styleguide and add a source section
pointing to your uk:slackware:emacs.

For dokuwiki, little modify on slackware:emacs automatcly make your
uk:slackware:emacs not up to date. But don't care : we know, via the
"footer/source" that uk doc is the primary one.

When you make modification, talk about it on mailing list for english
translator make it as speed as possible.

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